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The story

At the beginning

The Euzkadi hotel-restaurant was built in the middle of the 19th century by the Jaureguy family, a family originating from the village of Larrau (Larraine) in the Basque province of Soule. The hotel has been around for almost 150 years. For five generations, the same family has been at the helm of this establishment.

Pierre Jaureguy, buyer of part of the establishment, built the second part of the main building. The hotel was then called: “Hôtel Jaureguy”. After Pierre Jaureguy, the hotel was taken over by two of his daughters, Joséphine and Gaxuxa, both single.


Third generation: 1930-1970

In 1929, their niece took over: Mayie Inthamoussou in the kitchen, married to Auguste Darraidou, Basque pelota champion in the 1920s, in the noblest specialty: the bare hand. Auguste and Marie acquired the building called "Gazina Parenia" in the 1950s. It was in the outbuildings and stables of this property that the current restaurant room was built. strong> in 1961. The Jaureguy hotel changed its name to the Euzkadi hotel.

Fourth generation: 1970-2006

In 1970, Andde, the last child of the family took over with his wife Michèle, also from the trade, her parents being owners of the strong>Hôtel du Chêne in Itxassou. It is together that they continue to modernize and renovate the establishment: extension of the restaurant room, creation of a swimming pool and tennis court... The house is growing...

Andde is also very involved locally, mayor of the village from 1989 to 2008, he worked hard to obtain the AOP Espelette pepper. Throughout his life, he never stopped promoting his village and the traditional recipes passed down by his mother.

Fifth generation: since 2006

Auxtin, son of André and Michèle, took over the business in 2006. The main building of the hotel was completely renovated in 2007 to upgrade to 3 stars . He undertook the renovation and expansion of the kitchen as well as the swimming pool, the creation of a wine cellar... Helped by his wife Isabelle , they continue to grow the house while keeping its family and friendly feel.


For nearly 150 years, we have been driven by the same passion, by this desire to welcome you and help you discover the Basque Country. Your stopover in our typical Espelette hotel will be marked by strong values such as transmission, respect, territory and family. During your visits, we will be happy to share with you our love for the Basque Country

The teams

In our family hotel in Espelette, we are a small team driven by the same passion and the same desire to present the Basque Country to you. Our team has been made up of the same members for several years, we are like a little family. Smiling, attentive, attentive and respectful, our team warmly welcomes you all year round.